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Cookies Policy

1. Why We Use Cookies?

You can read more about why we use cookies below. We use cookies on our websites for a variety of purposes. The cookies we employ are safe for your computer and do not contain any personally identifiable information. Cookies assist us in achieving our mission of making our website as educational, individualized, and user-friendly as possible.You consent to the use of cookies and other technologies as described in this policy by using our website.

We recognize that some users might like to have more personal control over how they use our website, and we allow them to change their settings accordingly. The section below, "How to control and delete cookies," has further information on this. Please don't use the website if you disagree with such use.

2. What are Cookies?

Our website has the ability to give your browser a cookie, which is a little file that contains a certain amount of data. After that, it might be kept on your computer's hard drive and access to our web server. This allows us to retrieve the cookie data and adjust the web pages and services as necessary. It is crucial to make clear that cookies do not gather any personal information on your computer or hard disk.

3. How do We Use Cookies?

W In order to continually enhance your web browsing experience, we employ two analytics programs.In order to better support advertising and analytics organizations like Google Analytics, we work with reliable partners like DoubleClick. To be sure you're comfortable with how they utilize cookies, please read their privacy policies.

4. Social Media Third Party Cookies?

We occasionally include video footage from other social media websites, such as YouTube or Facebook, to enhance the information on our website. As a result, you might see cookies from these websites when you access a page with embedded content. You should consult the relevant third party's cookie policy for additional details because QWS has no control or liability over these cookie sets.

On a few of our web pages, we also include a "share page" widget that makes it simple to share material on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. When you are signed in to these websites' services, they might set a cookie. You should consult the appropriate third party's cookie policy for additional details since DT has no authority or responsibility over these cookie sets.

5. How to Control and Delete Cookies?

Cookies will not be used by DT to gather information about you that can be used to identify you. However, some features of our websites won't work properly or, in some situations, won't be accessible if you choose to disable, reject, or block our cookies. For more information on how to control your cookie settings and browser settings, or how to delete cookies on your hard drive,

please visit